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Free shipping for "friends". (If you buy more than UAH 1700, you are in our club! ;-) Get the product for free).
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Return of goods within 14 days. Does the color, size, style suit you? There are 14 days to think about! The main condition for return: shoes and packaging must be new.
Fast checkout and same day dispatch.
Fast checkout and same day dispatch.
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Like-minded club: promotions, special offers, a system of bonuses and discounts.

You can take the right steps only in the right shoes.

GRANI (translated from Italian - grain) — is not just shoes, it is the grain of Personality.

Personality is manifested not only in the final achievements, but in the path itself. It consists of small and large choices that need to be made at every step.  Every day is a step forward!

You can take the right steps only in the right shoes.

The right steps lead you in the right direction. After all, the Personality knows own way!

GRANI — shoes for multifaceted Personalities.

In GRANI leather shoes you feel so comfortable that you begin to notice and see what is around you. You leave the house on the street — the space of the bright sky and dense freshness of air overturns on you. You walk down the street — birds sing to you, tree branches wave, and you can run when you want.

Get ready for long walks, step by step overcoming doubts. Breathe fresh air, enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. And wherever you walk, in a new unfamiliar city or on your favorite streets near the house — you know own way in GRANI!

Our own production, italian equipment and high bar of our goals lead to the expected results. Every step with care. Every step with love:

 • Natural materials
 • Softness and comfort that exceed expectations
 • The price is below competitive
 • Free fitting
 • Quick delivery
 • When ordering from UAH 1,100 — free delivery

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