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A wide range of women's sneakers is presented in the spring-summer collection on the Grani website. This is a manufacturing company that offers shoes of its own production according to trendy patterns. As a material for all lines of products Grani uses the best factory leather, no less worthy sole and a special memorial insole of moderate hardness thanks to which your foot will be comfortable in our shoes. This combination of creativity and experience allows us to add only the best products to the catalog. Before you just buy a pair of new sneakers we recommend that you do a full review of our site. After all, there are so many options at a reasonable price! Pay special attention to classic models that will become a versatile addition to almost any of your outfits. And also be sure to check out the "Discounts" section where you can find a lot of options at a reduced cost. When confirming the order and delivery we advise you to consult with the call-center manager. Perhaps the Grani company will offer even more favorable conditions for your purchase.

Sports in the city: where and what to wear sneakers with?

Sport has long gone beyond the boundaries of the stadium, replacing part of the women's wardrobe. Today elements of sportswear and footwear are a familiar part of everyday urban looks. We are talking about the ability to wear sneakers not only to the gym but also on a date, to a restaurant and even to work (of course if there is no strict dress code there). Moreover, designers and stylists are increasingly offering versions of outfits that successfully combine the comfort of sports shoes with aesthetic women's clothing. Consider several popular look-versions where sneakers will complement: total denim, classic cut trouser jumpsuit, summer dress-marshmallow, sundress on spaghetti straps with a T-shirt, strict image in office style. The manufacturer of quality shoes Grani produces a separate line for women in which there are dozens of models of various sneakers. After all, today both high fashion shows and reviews on social networks demonstrate stylistic solutions with an emphasis on sneakers. This means that collections of these women's shoes will be on the shelves of real and online stores.

What to look for when buying sneakers online?

If you are an experienced online shopper then it will not be difficult for you to distinguish a decent store from a site with Chinese fakes. Moreover, the price is not always the main criterion. Sometimes shoes can be on sale at a completely real cost but at the same time the quality can be on an equal footing with a luxury brand. Therefore, we have compiled a small list of points that a beginner shopper should pay attention to: Quality assurance. An honest manufacturer like the Grani company, necessarily acts as a guarantor of quality and provides the opportunity for a return if a factory defect is found. Payment and delivery options. If the client is offered several payment options and several delivery service options then such an online store can be trusted. Consultation availability. Each client always doubts a little about the choice and therefore the presence of a call-center with a consultant is an obligatory characteristic of a good store. Possibility of return. Following the clauses of consumer protection laws a decent store will provide a return option. Of course, we are talking about intact packaging and shoes that have not been used. The Grani online store treats each of these points very carefully. We are even ready to provide delivery of two or three sizes of one model, so that the client chooses a comfortable option for himself during the fitting. We always send orders on time to all cities of Ukraine - Lviv, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsi, Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, etc.

Name Price
Leather yellow slippers 750.00 uah
Sneakers leather 112 gray rubber sole 1990.00 uah
Leather ballerinas 153 white 790.00 uah
Leather white flip-flops anatomical sole 990.00 uah
Sandals leather 178 black 1192.00 uah