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Teenage shoes

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Kids sneakers
watch more details - watch more details - Teenage Sneakers
Teenage Sneakers
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Slip-ons, loafers

Parents of modern teenagers try to buy their children comfortable shoes, but the children themselves are looking for stylish options. Grani online store understands how difficult it is to find something that will suit both adults and children. Therefore, our catalog presents stylish and at the same time comfortable models, the design of which takes into account all the nuances of teenage shoes.
The main advantage of our collection for teenagers is the quality of tailoring and material. Grani's own production allows us to create sneakers and sneakers according to trend patterns and at the same time make shoes as safe as possible for the health of the young body. We use materials from Italian manufacturers, and as a result we receive the highest quality. And the price in such conditions remains quite affordable.

What models do modern teenagers like?

Middle and high school children try to act independently and independently. The choice of clothes and shoes becomes the limit with which the teenager is easiest to identify. Here only individual taste is formed often from nasmotrennost pictures on the Internet, that is from opinions of other people. For example, social networks show great interest of young people:
to sneakers that fit perfectly into urban sports on the grounds;
to Slipona, because they perfectly complete the everyday look;
to sneakers, which must have bright accents.
Because Agli Fashion has been at the peak of fashion for the last couple of years, its echoes are still present in most teenage images. We take into account different tastes, and offer young men and women of fashion a variety of shoes. For example, the same Agli-style manufacturer Grani adapted for more wearable sneakers, and in casual made more accent with bright colored inserts and decor on sneakers.
Our online store is always up to date with the latest news, thanks to which we fall into the desires of adult boys. In our store it is easy to buy the same pair that will be a highlight in the image for training and in a stylish outfit for a photo on Instagram. In the spring-summer collection, we have assembled a large model range at the best price. All the options you see in the catalog can be bought online by arranging delivery to your city.

Grani - a sign of quality on each pair of shoes

Our site demonstrates a large selection, and our sales history is consistently high quality. All goods of the producer Grani which we offer to buyers in Ukraine, are made according to the European standards. We create shoes from the best leather and provide models with a first-class memory sole.
The anatomically correct shape of each pair of sneakers, sneakers or slip-ons perfectly fixes the foot. In such shoes it is easy to skate, walk for hours in the park or travel with friends. And natural materials guarantee air exchange and do not disturb blood circulation.

How to buy a pair of teenage shoes?

Ordering in our store and delivery is very fast. It will take you more time to choose the model, because we offer a wide range. After agreeing the order with the manager, the goods will be sent by postal service (the one you choose from the list) to any city in Ukraine - in Uzhgorod, Kharkiv, Odessa, Kiev, Lviv and others. We also recommend paying attention to the section with discounts, which presents the same quality at a reduced price.

Name Price
Sandals leather 181 black-white sport 690.00 uah
Leather white sneakers with suede 990.00 uah
Sandals leather 177 dark beige 890.00 uah
Leather white classic sneakers with black details 1990.00 uah
Basic leather gray sneakers 990.00 uah