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Slip-ons, loafers

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During adolescence children are especially active. They spend a lot of time at school, outdoors, in creative pursuits or sports. Therefore, their wardrobe should have enough clothes and shoes for all occasions. In addition to classic shoes and sneakers, slip-ons and loafers can be included. They have a less formal design so they are suitable for extracurricular activities and walks. You can pick up teenage slip-ons and loafers in the GRANI online store. We produce stylish footwear for special occasions and every day.

Features and benefits of models

Every year the range of footwear for children and teenagers becomes wider. Recently, slip-ons have been popular among adolescents - a type of sneaker, which is distinguished by the presence of a flexible sole and the absence of lacing. They are held on the leg by elastic inserts that keep their shape well. Unlike sneakers, slip-ons have a more laconic look so they go well with casual clothes. Their other advantages: light weight, anatomical shape, simple construction, excellent air ventilation, versatility. If a teenager prefers a more formal style loafers are suitable for him - soft shoes without lacing and locks. They can be called a hybrid of classic shoes and moccasins. Teenage loafers are equipped with a flexible sole and a soft upper that follows the anatomical shape of the foot and makes walking comfortable. As a decoration they can have fringe tassels or a strap encircling the upper part of the product.

How and what to wear

Teenage slip-ons and loafers are less formal shoes that can be paired with casual wear. It all depends on their color and decoration. In the GRANI store basic models are presented which are designed in neutral colors and decorated with a minimum of decor. They can be worn with: school uniform, light and dark jeans, informal trousers, denim overalls and sundresses, skirts. There are solid black models with black soles that can be worn with dark trousers and jeans. They also fit perfectly into the school dress code. For walks and extracurricular activities loafers and slip-ons in light colors with white soles are suitable. They can be combined with light blue jeans, white pants, or brown cargo pants. The top of the shoe is made of genuine leather. Even if a teenager puts it on in wet weather his feet will remain dry and any dirt can be easily removed. The same goes for the outsole which is made of durable polyurethane.

Shoe collection

In this section of the GRANI store there are teenage slip-ons and loafers that can be worn to school, to creative activities or walks. You can select them by focusing on: model, colour, size, price. The lineup includes running sizes that are suitable for both a primary school student and a teenager. If you have any difficulties with the choice of shoes contact the consultants through the contact button or by the number attached in the header of the site.

Offers for GRANI clients

GRANI is a manufacturer of stylish and practical footwear for children, teenagers and adults. The collection includes slip-ons and loafers, which are made from quality materials in accordance with fashion trends and international standards. We pay close attention to their design because we know how important it is for teenagers to stand out and stick to their sense of style. To everyone who wants to buy teenage slip-ons and loafers from us we guarantee: large selection of sizes, interesting models and colors, high quality materials and tailoring, reasonable prices, special promotions and offers. Free courier delivery in Ukraine is available to each buyer. For this we have entered into cooperation with the transport service "Nova poshta". You can find out the cost of targeted delivery to Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov or another city by calling the number in the website header or by clicking on the link button.

Name Price
Leather white flip-flops anatomical sole 990.00 uah
Leather beige origami slides 1112.00 uah
Leather yellow sandals with buckles 890.00 uah
Suede sneakers 200 black 2190.00 uah
Leather white classic sneakers 1990.00 uah